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  • The tax-free allowance on capital gains is up to 1000 € for singles and 2000€ for couples.
  • These tax-free allowances can be split and claimed for savings held at several different institutions.
  • You can change your tax exemption order at any time or just keep it as it is.
  • Setting up a tax exemption order ensures that you will only be paying tax on capital gains in excess of your tax-free allowance.
  • This will save you a lot of valuable time when it comes to filing tax returns.

25 percent flat rate tax

If you do not submit an exemption order or if your capital gains exceed the exemption amount you qualify for, your Sparkasse will apply a tax rate of 25 percent to your capital gains and transfer the relevant amount to the revenue office – where relevant, inclusive of church tax. Hence, taking action now will pay off later. Please get in touch with one of our advisers for more information on how to make the most of your assets.

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